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Gordon Baxter in person

History of Gordon Baxter Photography

Early days.

I learned the basics of composition and the film development process back in 90's. It gave me the experience that a lot of starting photographers do not have. Since then, I have spent every free minute developing my skills and style. Fast forward a few years later, my first job involved working in a marketing department. Designing posters, leaflets and other advertising products it was where I got to know a very powerful photo editing software – Adobe Photoshop. Although the process of developing and editing the photos has changed significantly over time, a lot of the old techniques used to develop photos can be used with the new technology.


Pursuing my passion.

In 2014 I decided that I would like to turn my hobby into an official business. I invested in a professional camera, lights and other accessories. I must admit, it felt like I was holding my first camera for the first time again! I enrolled on a photography course with leading photographers - Jerry Ghionis, Ben Pollard, Andy Gaines, Dan Morris, and Sue Bryce to quickly update my photography skills and broaden my business knowledge. After shooting a couple of weddings for my friends, I noticed how many things I was able to photograph in just one Wedding. From portraits and group photos to the popular reportage style wedding photos. Combining my dark room experience, photo skills and knowledge of Photoshop makes my business stand out. I keep the natural style of the wedding and still make sure you get the photos you have dreamed of.

I never put my camera down. On my journeys to different places in the UK and abroad, I always take my camera to capture those memories. On one of those occasions I asked my fiancée to marry me. Oh yes, I did take a photo of that special moment as well. Actually, I took three! That image in many years’ time, will keep the memory of that moment as fresh as it is today.

Development is the key.

The experience I got from weddings and portrait photography opened up new chapter in my photography journey. I branched out to help business create new brand images, content for social media as well as good old white background product photography. I have been working with companies like Jack Pyke, Viper Tactical and Canvas Tent Shop to mention just a few bigger brands, but I occasionally work with small, local to me businesses. All this work pushed me to develop my videography skills. Nowadays it's pretty much what I love doing the most, but photography will always have a place in my heart.

In 2023, I connected with another very talented photographer from Poland. Her name is Ania and she is an incredible addition to my wedding packages. Two photographers in the price of one. Sounds like a great deal right? 

I hope this will help you decide that what I do as a wedding photographer is what you are looking for. If you are interested, contact me and we can arrange a friendly meeting. I believe that a discussion about what you would like from your photographer is the basics of great wedding photography.

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