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Morris fans anyone? How about a Morris fans wedding?

The First Meeting

During a wedding fayre at Woodland Manor Hotel and Restaurant, I met Loreen and Chris, a couple brought together by their passion for classic cars. They are both true Morris fans. To my even bigger surprise, I also found out that their kids and their partners also share the same hobby. This was one of the most emotional weddings I had the privilege to be a part of.

A photo of two Morris cars in front of a lovely Woodland Manor house.
Morris fans wedding!

Arriving at the Venue

The first thing I was told upon my arrival was that there was a huge surprise prepared for the bride. Chris had gone above and beyond to create almost a conspiracy theory to ensure that Loreen would not find out about it. When the bride entered the room, time seemed to almost stop. The Woodland Manor venue is a perfect place for candid and classy ceremonies. The couple definitely took advantage of it and decorated the room with fresh flowers. Loreen's dream designs were created by a local florist Kim at Pretty Petals Floristry. Take a look at those!

What's the Surprise?! Morris fans wedding at it's best.

I mentioned that these two were joined not only by their love for each other but also their love for classic cars. After the couple exited the ceremony room, Chris revealed his fantastic surprise. "The green Morris Minor is my present to you," he whispered in his wife's ear... I was speechless; her reaction was amazing! Have a look.

Entertainment and Finishing with a Bang!

After the main events of the day, the evening guests started to show up. Chris, with the help of his friend from Events Inc, set up true entertainment in the gardens of the venue. I think everyone present there would agree that the archery range was definitely the most popular attraction. As the evening drew to a close, everyone was getting ready for the first dance and display of fireworks afterward. We all gathered at the back of Woodland Manor to see the light spectacle delivered by Kimbolton Fireworks. I set everything up, and... well, see for yourself!


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